Art & Queer Culture

Por Tate

Por Tate

Art & Queer Culture

Art & Queer Culture

Richard Meyer y Catherine Lord

Art and Homosexuality: A History of Ideas

Christopher (Pennsylvania State University) Reed

The Art of Drag

Jake Hall, Jasjyot Singh Hans, et al.


David J. Getsy


Amelia Jones

Art After Stonewall: 1969-1989

Jonathan Weinberg y Tyler Cann

New Queer Photography

Benjamin Wolbergs

The Waterfront Journals

David Wojnarowicz

An Apartment on Uranus

Paul B. Preciado

Queer Theory Now: From Foundations to Futures

Hannah McCann y Whitney Monaghan

Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

USA) Butler Berkeley Judith (University of California

Queer: A Graphic History

Meg-John Barker y Jules Scheele

Queer!?: Visual Arts in Europe

Anton Anthonissen y Evert van Straaten

Keith Haring

Simon Doonan