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Por Village Books Dulwich

Por Village Books Dulwich

Ernest the Elephant

Anthony Browne

12,99 € 12,08 €

We love Anthony Browne! His new book is a poignant story about a baby elephant who gets lost in a mysterious jungle.

Sorrel and the Sleepover

Corrinne (Author) Averiss y Susan Varley

7,99 € 7,43 €

From the creator of classic bestseller Badger's Parting Gifts, Sorrel and the Sleepover is a wonderful celebration of friendship. Sorrel feels that she must hide how different she is, otherwise Sage won't be her friend, will she?

Julian at the Wedding

Jessica Love

12,99 € 12,08 €

The star of Julian Is a Mermaid makes a joyful return - and finds a new friend - at a wedding to be remembered.

Three Little Monkeys Ride Again: Book & CD

Quentin Blake y Emma Chichester Clark

8,99 € 8,36 €

Quentin Blake's delightfully funny story is brought to life by Emma Chichester Clark's beautiful mixed-media illustration in this delightful follow up to Three Little Monkeys.

Charlie Chooses

Lou Peacock y Nicola Slater

6,99 € 6,50 €

Charlie Chooses is a great book for dog lovers (like us!). Charlie is not good at making decisions, but when a new friend with a waggy tail chooses him, making choices gets a little easier...


Atinuke y Birgitta Sif

12,99 € 12,08 €

One day, Hugo the Parisian pigeon is so busy doing his showing-off dance that he doesn't see a dog approaching...and someone unexpected has to come to the rescue!

British Museum 101 Stickers! Ancient Rome

Sophie Beer

5,99 € 5,57 €

Take a tour of ancient Rome in this vibrant sticker activity book from the British Museum! Beautiful artwork and educational.

Take Off Your Brave: Poems Just for You

Nadim Shamma y Yasmeen Ismail

12,99 € 12,08 €

We love Take Off Your Brave - a gorgeous and unique book of poetry written by a four-year-old and illustrated with wit and whimsy by Yasmeen Ismail.

Baby's First Train Robbery

UK) Whalley Jim (De Montfort University y Stephen Collins

6,99 € 6,50 €

Frank is going on holiday, but the further from home he gets, the more anxious he feels. He decides to take drastic action - with dire consequences! A hilarious and fun story.

National Trust: Robins, Wrens and other British Birds

Nikki Dyson

4,99 € 4,64 €

In collaboration with the National Trust, this book is packed with facts about all kinds of brilliant birds and their homes.

Hidden Figures

Margot Lee Shetterly y Laura Freeman

6,99 € 6,50 €

Based on the New York Times bestselling book and the Academy Award-nominated movie, author Margot Lee Shetterly brings the incredibly inspiring true story of four black women who helped NASA launch men into space to picture book readers!

Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small

Dr. Jess Wade y Melissa Castrillon

12,99 € 12,08 €

Budding scientists will enjoy Nano, a beautifully illustrated introduction to nanotechnology for children with words by a top scientist and beautifully illustrated by Melissa Castrillon.

The Hospital Dog

Julia Donaldson y Sara Ogilvie

6,99 € 6,50 €

From bestselling writer Julia Donaldson comes a heart-warming, rhyming tale about a Dalmatian called Dot. In The Hospital Dog, Dot cheers everyone up and when her patients are in trouble it's up to Dot to save the day!

Grow: Secrets of Our DNA

Nicola Davies y Emily Sutton

7,99 € 7,43 €

From the award-winning team behind Tiny and Lots, Grow is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the concept of DNA for younger readers.

My First Book of Sea Creatures

Zoe Ingram

12,99 € 12,08 €

The perfect gift for any young animal-lover, this beautifully illustrated natural history book is an ideal introduction to creatures of the seas.

100 First Words: City

Edward Underwood

12,99 € 12,08 €

All toddlers will adore searching for the colourful characters behind the shaped flaps in 100 First Words: City. With stunning artwork from homeware designer Edward Underwood, this beautiful book is a celebration of city life in all its vibrancy and diversity.

Aunt Amelia's House

Rebecca Cobb

7,99 € 7,43 €

From the award-winning Rebecca Cobb, illustrator of The Paper Dolls and The Everywhere Bear, comes another lively tale about a very unusual babysitter, Aunt Amelia.


Anna Kemp y ADAM BEER

6,99 € 6,50 €

We love this book! Mammoth is the funny, touching story of an Ice Age mammoth who finds himself in a modern day city from the bestselling author of Dogs Don't Do Ballet .