Christmas Gift Ideas - Kids Edition

Por The Rabbit Hole

Por The Rabbit Hole

Christmas Gift Ideas - Kids Edition

The Friendly Mammoth

Anna Terreros-Martin

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell

Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

The Heart of a Giant

Hollie Hughes y Anna Wilson

Moonlight Prance

Serena Gingold Allen y Teagan White

The Double Trouble Society

Carrie Hope Fletcher

The Lost Whale

Hannah Gold y Levi Pinfold


SF Said y Dave McKean

The Big Book of Mysteries

Tom Adams y Yas Imamura

The Midnight Panther

Poonam Mistry

Penguin Huddle

Ross Montgomery y Sarah Warburton

Dungeons & Dragons Behold! A Search and Find Adventure

Wizards of the Coast, Ulises Farinas, et al.

A Natural History of Mermaids

Emily Hawkins y Jessica Roux

InvestiGators: Heist and Seek

John Patrick Green

Which Way to Anywhere

Cressida Cowell

Marcus Rashford

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara y Guilherme Karsten

A Dinosaur A Day

Miranda Smith, Olga Baumert, et al.

50 Times Football Changed the World

Gary Lineker y Ivor Baddiel

The Frost Goblin

Abi Elphinstone y Fiona Woodcock

Gender Swapped Greek Myths

Karrie Fransman y Jonathan Plackett

The Little Match Girl Strikes Back

Emma Carroll y Lauren Child

Queen Elizabeth

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara y Melissa Lee Johnson

The Baddies

Julia Donaldson y Axel Scheffler

Isadora Moon Under the Sea

Harriet Muncaster

Leila and the Blue Fox: The perfect gift for every child!

Kiran Millwood Hargrave y Tom de Freston

The Fawn Who Chased the Sun

Joanna McInerney y Phung Nguyen Quang & Huynh Thi Kim Lien

The Woodcutter and The Snow Prince

Ian Eagleton y Davide Ortu

Ludo Board Game Dinosaurs

Kirsteen Robson y Gareth Lucas

The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair


The 156-Storey Treehouse

Andy Griffiths y Terry Denton

That's Not My Kitten book and toy

Fiona Watt y Rachel Wells

Paddington Funny Story Collection

Michael Bond y Peggy Fortnum

Rock-a-Bye Rumpus: Action Rhymes for the Very Young

Julia Donaldson y Sebastien Braun

Guess How Much I Love You

Sam McBratney y Anita Jeram

My First Ocean Animals

Happy Yak y Margaux Carpentier

Peekaboo Forest

Surya Sajnani