Por H & H Spalding Books


My Sister, Daisy

Adria Karlsson y Linus Curci

Leo and the Octopus

Isabelle Marinov y Chris Nixon

Me and My Sister

Rose Robbins

My Monster and Me

Nadiya Hussain y Ella Bailey

Song for A Whale

Lynne Kelly

The Key to Flambards

Linda Newbery


Steve Antony

Can You See Me?

Libby Scott y Rebecca Westcott


R. J. Palacio

Heather Has Two Mummies

Leslea Newman y Laura Cornell

The Great Big Book of Families

Mary Hoffman y Ros Asquith

19 Love Songs

David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing

David Levithan

Julian Is a Mermaid

Jessica Love

Through the Eyes of Us

Jon Roberts y Hannah Rounding

My Shadow is Pink

Scott Stuart

Jeremy Worried About the Wind

Pamela Butchart y Kate Hindley

Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different

Ben Brooks y Quinton Winter

Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different

Ben Brooks y Quinton Winter

Just Like Me: 40 neurologically and physically diverse people...

Louise Gooding, Caterina Delli Carri, et al.

LGBTQ+ Matters

Matthew Anniss

Nothing Ever Happens Here

Sarah Hagger-Holt


Emilie Dufresne

The Arts

Emilie Dufresne


Emilie Dufresne


Emilie Dufresne

The Girl with No Nose

Georgia Byng y Gary Blythe

Talking to Alaska

Anna Woltz

Max and the Millions

Ross Montgomery

The New Girl

Nicola Davies y Cathy Fisher

Big Bob, Little Bob

James Howe y Laura Ellen Anderson

All Are Welcome

Alexandra Penfold y Suzanne Kaufman

I'm a Girl!

Yasmeen Ismail

Autism and Me (Mindful Kids)

Haia Ironside and Dr Leslie Ironside y Ellie O'Shea

Dyslexia and Me (Mindful Kids)

Amy Rainbow y Ellie O'Shea

Bea by the Sea

Jo Byatt

When Jelly Had a Wobble (PB)


Rhinocorn Rules

Matt Carr

What Happened to You?

James Catchpole y Karen George

Only Mostly Devastated

Sophie Gonzales

Sofa Surfer

Malcolm Duffy

All Birds Have Anxiety

Kathy Hoopmann

All Dogs Have ADHD

Kathy Hoopmann

Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?

Sarah Savage y Fox Fisher

Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid

Alais Winton, Zac Millard, et al.

The Giant from Nowhere

Frances Dickens y Peter Hudspith

Who Are You?: The Kid's Guide to Gender Identity

Brook Pessin-Whedbee y Naomi Bardoff

A Kind of Spark

Elle McNicoll

Harriet Versus The Galaxy

Samantha Baines y Jessica Flores


Various Authors

I Am Perfectly Designed

Jason Brown, Karamo Brown, et al.

Bear Shaped

Dawn Coulter-Cruttenden

An ABC of Equality

Chana Ginelle Ewing y Paulina Morgan

A Little Bit Different

Claire Alexander

Who's Your Real Mum?

Bernadette Green y Anna Zobel

Hideous Beauty

William Hussey

One in a Hundred Thousand

Linni Ingemundsen

The Pieces of Ourselves

Maggie Harcourt

The Boy Who Loved Everyone

Jane Porter y Maisie Paradise Shearring

I Am Jazz

Jessica Herthel, Jazz Jennings, et al.


Akwaeke Emezi

Everybody Belongs

Lorna Freytag

The Invisible

Tom Percival

Dream Big, Little Mole

Tom Percival y Christine Pym

All About Families

Felicity Brooks y Mar Ferrero

The Spots and the Dots

Helen Baugh y Marion Deuchars

The Worrysaurus

Rachel Bright y Chris Chatterton

Nervous Nigel

Bethany Christou

The Perfect Fit

Naomi Jones y James Jones

Hello!: A Counting Book of Kindnesses

Hollis Kurman y Stephane Barroux

Activists Assemble: We Are All Equal!

Shannon Weber y Jade Orlando


Zadie Smith, Nick Laird, et al.

I Talk Like a River

Jordan Scott y Sydney Smith

Cally and Jimmy: Twins in Trouble

Zoe Antoniades y Katie Kear

Looking After Your Mental Health

Louie Stowell, Alice James, et al.

The Worrying Worries

Rachel Rooney y Zehra Hicks

Front Desk

Kelly Yang

Three Keys

Kelly Yang

Over the Shop

JonArno Lawson y Qin Leng

Rumaysa: A Fairytale

Radiya Hafiza y Rhaida El Touny

The Pirate Mums

Jodie Lancet-Grant y Lydia Corry

The Breadwinner

Deborah Ellis

Megan Rapinoe

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara y Paulina Morgan

Civil Rights Stories: LGBTQ+ Rights

Louise Spilsbury y Toby Newsome

You Matter

Christian Robinson

Can Bears Ski?

Raymond Antrobus y Polly Dunbar

A Fox Called Herbert

Margaret Sturton

Grandad's Camper

Harry Woodgate

IntersectionAllies: We Make Room for All

Carolyn Choi, Chelsea Johnson, et al.

Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

Ian Eagleton y James Mayhew

Civil Rights Stories: Racial Equality

Anita Ganeri y Toby Newsome

A Little Bit Different

Claire Alexander

The Black Flamingo

Dean Atta y Anshika Khullar

The Amazing Edie Eckhart: Book 1

Rosie Jones y Natalie Smillie

Who Are You?

Smriti Halls y Ali Pye

Grown: The Black Girls' Guide to Glowing Up

Melissa Cummings-Quarry, Natalie A Carter, et al.

The Great (Food) Bank Heist

Onjali Q. Rauf y Elisa Paganelli

Talking About Islamophobia

Na'ima B. Robert y Sabeena Akhtar

Questions and Feelings About: Racism

Anita Ganeri y Ximena Jeria

Questions and Feelings About: Adoption

Anita Ganeri y Ximena Jeria

Check Mates

Stewart Foster

My Daddies!

Gareth Peter y Garry Parsons

Hey You!: An empowering celebration of growing up Black

Dapo Adeola, Alyissa Johnson, et al.

Forever Star

Gareth Peter y Judi Abbot

First Questions and Answers: What is racism?

Katie Daynes, Jordan Akpojaro, et al.

Ways to Be Me

Libby Scott y Rebecca Westcott

The Spots and the Dots

Helen Baugh y Marion Deuchars

You Can!

Alexandra Strick y Steve Antony

Stella Brings the Family

Miriam B. Schiffer y Holly Clifton-Brown

Pink Is for Boys

Robb Pearlman y Eda Kaban

The Pronoun Book: She, He, They, and Me!

Cassandra Jules Corrigan y Jem Milton

Happy in Our Skin

Fran Manushkin y Lauren Tobia

Flamingo Celeste is Not Like the Rest (PB)

Celeste Barber y Heath McKenzie

Frankie's World

Aoife Dooley

The Rollercoaster Boy


I Am NOT a Prince

Rachael Davis y Beatrix Hatcher

Spreading My Wings

Nadiya Hussain y Ella Bailey

We Are Family

Patricia Hegarty y Ryan Wheatcroft

The Goldfish Boy


I Am NOT a Prince

Rachael Davis y Beatrix Hatcher

Spreading My Wings

Nadiya Hussain y Ella Bailey

The Spectacular Suit

Kat Patrick y HAYLEY WELLS

Me, in the Middle

Annette Demetriou y Angela Mayers

The Hotel for Bugs

Suzy Senior y Leire Martin

A Dress with Pockets

Lily Murray y Jenny Lovlie


Sihle Nontshokweni, Mathabo Tlali, et al.

Here and Queer

Rowan Ellis y Jacky Sheridan

Ellie Pillai is Brown

Christine Pillainayagam

My Daddies!

Gareth Peter y Garry Parsons

My Beautiful Voice

Joseph Coelho y Ms. Allison Colpoys

My Magic Family

Lotte Jeffs y Sharon Davey


Clara Anganuzzi