Getting Older

Por Poetry Pharmacy

Por Poetry Pharmacy

extract from Getting Older by Elaine Feinstein


The first surprise: I like it.

Whatever happens now, some things

that used to terrify have not:

I didn't die young, for instance.


The Lazarus Strategy: How to Age Well and Wisely

Dr Norman Lazarus

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Raymond Briggs

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Tom Payne

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Carolyn Hopley y Mary Ann Hoberman

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Poems by Tiffany Atkinson, John Burnside, Katie Cleverley, Vicki Feaver, Joan Johnston, Katerina de Jong / Anastasia Matveeva / Minnah Rashid, Mohja Kahf, Derek Mahon, Liz Soar and Andrew Waterhouse.

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Ageing: A Very Short Introduction

University of Queensland) Pachana Nancy A. (Professor of Geropsychology

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The Clinic, Memory: New and Selected Poems

Elaine Feinstein

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Elaine Feinstein's poems are the harvest of a lifetime in literature.

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Roger Morgan-Grenville

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