Por H & H Spalding Books


The Suitcase

Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Boy, Everywhere

A. M. Dassu

99 Immigrants Who Made Britain Great

Louis Stewart y Naomi Kenyon

Looking at the Stars

Jo Cotterill

Never Fall Down

Patricia McCormick

Salt to the Sea

Ruta Sepetys

The Other Side of Truth

Beverley Naidoo

A Dangerous Crossing

Jane Mitchell

A Story Like the Wind

Gill Lewis y Jo Weaver

Welcome to Nowhere

Elizabeth Laird

Oranges in No Man's Land

Elizabeth Laird

Nadine Dreams of Home

Bernard Ashley y Ollie Cuthbertson

The Island

Armin Greder

Boy 87

Ele Fountain

The Boy At the Back of the Class

Onjali Q. Rauf y Pippa Curnick

The Bone Sparrow

Zana Fraillon

Jackdaw Summer

David Almond


Anne Booth y Sam Usher

Hope in a Ballet Shoe: Orphaned by war, saved by ballet: an...

Michaela (Author) DePrince y Elaine DePrince

On the Move: Poems About Migration

Michael Rosen y Quentin Blake

The Day War Came

Nicola Davies y Rebecca Cobb


Brian Bilston y Jose Sanabria

The Silence Seeker

Ben Morley y Carl Pearce

Azzi In Between

Sarah Garland

Red Leaves

Sita Brahmachari

When Stars are Scattered

Victoria Jamieson, Omar Mohamed, et al.

Kiss the Dust

Elizabeth Laird

Boundless Sky

Amanda Addison y Manuela Adreani

The Red Suitcase

Giles Baum y Amandine Piu

Child I

Steve Tasane

Hello!: A Counting Book of Kindnesses

Hollis Kurman y Stephane Barroux

King of the Sky

Nicola Davies y Laura Carlin

The Unforgotten Coat

Frank Cottrell Boyce

Lubna and Pebble

Wendy Meddour y Daniel Egneus

Just Like You

Jo Loring-Fisher

The Elephant in the Room

Holly Goldberg Sloan

The Journey

Francesca Sanna

The Last Garden

Rachel Ip y Anneli Bray

Civil Rights Stories: Refugees and Homelands

Louise Spilsbury y Toby Newsome

What Is A Refugee?

Elise Gravel

Here I Am

Patricia Hee Kim y Sonia Sanchez

Me and My Fear

Francesca Sanna

Escape: One Day We Had to Run . . .

Ming & Wah y Carmen Vela