New for July - Children's Books

Por Argyll Book Centre -Lochgilphead Bookshop

Por Argyll Book Centre -Lochgilphead Bookshop

New for July - Children's Books

All About Diversity

Felicity Brooks y Mar Ferrero

What Did the Monster Child Eat Today?

Sampurna Chattarji y Vibha Surya

Riddle Diddle Safari

Deanna Calvert, Diane Z. Shore, et al.

Aquarium snap

Abigail Wheatley y Jessica Bretherton

The Great (Food) Bank Heist

Onjali Q. Rauf y Elisa Paganelli

I Lost My Granny in the Supermarket

Jo Simmons y Nathan Reed

The Battle for Roar

Jenny McLachlan y Ben Mantle

Secrets of the Last Merfolk

Lindsay Littleson

Jack's Secret World

Jack Ryder y Alice McKinley

The Secret Lives of Dragons

Professor Zoya Agnis y Alexander Utkin

Between Sea and Sky

Nicola Penfold

A Monster Ate My Packed Lunch!

Pamela Butchart y Thomas Flintham

Nadia and the Forever Kitten

Holly Webb y Sophy Williams

The Puffin Keeper

Michael Morpurgo y Benji Davies

Sister Switch

Beth Garrod

How to Be Brave

Daisy May Johnson


Ingrid Laguna

Cows Go Boo!

Steve Webb y Fred Blunt

There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story

Lou Carter y Deborah Allwright

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Dragon

Rhiannon Fielding y Chris Chatterton

Does a Bear Poo in the Woods?

Jonny Leighton y Mike Byrne

The Most Important Animal of All

Penny Worms y Bailey

Kintana and the Captain's Curse

Susan Brownrigg y Jenny Czerwonka

21% Monster

P.J. Canning