New @Fred's in September

Por Fred's Bookshop

Por Fred's Bookshop

New @Fred's in September

Marple: Twelve New Stories

Lucy Foley, Karen M. McManus, et al.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Anthony Doerr

Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest

Aisling Fowler y Sophie Medvedeva


Carlo Rovelli

Into Iraq

Michael Palin

The Final Gambit

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Whisperling

Hayley Hoskins

Democracy Rules

Jan-Werner Muller

Faith, Hope and Carnage

Nick Cave y Sean O'Hagan

The Library: A Fragile History

Andrew Pettegree y Arthur der Weduwen

The Island

Armin Greder

Poison for Breakfast

Lemony Snicket y Margaux Kent

The Unfolding

A.M. Homes

What Happens at Night

Peter Cameron

Why We Get the Wrong Politicians

Isabel (Author) Hardman

Light of the Moon

Elizabeth Buchan

Consider the Lily

Elizabeth Buchan

Gender Swapped Greek Myths

Karrie Fransman y Jonathan Plackett

These Darkening Days

Benjamin Myers

Turning Blue

Benjamin Myers