Short and Wicked

Por Lauren Groff

Por Lauren Groff

Sometimes, you want to sink into an enormous book, sometimes you want something as swift and sharp as a knife. These are some of my favourite short and wicked books:


Lauren Groff

16,98 € 15,79 €

Autobiography Of Red

Anne Carson

15,00 € 13,95 €

Carson is one of my favorite living writers. Her brain is vast, the connections she makes between ideas balletic. This book broke me the first time I read it, and I keep finding new riches in it every time I return to it.

Hurricane Season

Fernanda Melchor

12,99 € 12,08 €

What a wild, witchy, galloping ride this book is, by a very young Mexican writer. I've read it twice now and marvel at how Melchor pulls this novel off.

By Night in Chile

Roberto Bolano

9,99 € 9,29 €

I've been on a Bolano kick recently, and though 2666 is majestic, vast, devastating, this slim novella delivers a powerful punch to the solar plexus. Bolano's great genius is the way he makes the reader complicit with the undercurrent of evil in his books.

Train Dreams

Denis Johnson

10,00 € 9,30 €

This book is a fever dream, stunning and strange, both mythology of the American West and a needle puncturing that same mythology.

Territory of Light

Yuko Tsushima

8,99 € 8,36 €

I was lucky to have written the foreword to Tsushima's forthcoming reissue of A Woman Running In The Mountains (NYRB Classics), and in the process, read all of her work available in English. This is a book made of planes of light and dreams, about a year in the life of a struggling single mother. It is itself a prism.

The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge

Rainer Maria Rilke

8,99 € 8,36 €

Rilke is better known for his angels and letters, but this is my favorite of his work, a dreamy, pungent, haunted modernist delight.


Marian Engel

9,99 € 9,29 €

Do you want to read a book about a woman falling in love with an actual bear? Of course you do. It's exquisite and hilarious.

Mrs Caliban (Faber Editions): 'Genius' - Patricia Lockwood

Rachel Ingalls y Irenosen Okojie

8,99 € 8,36 €

Speaking of hilarious love stories between human women and creatures, this is one of the greatest, a woman falling in love with a sea monster. All of Rachel Ingalls's work simmers with barely repressed hysteria.

Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age

Bohumil Hrabal

8,99 € 8,36 €

Written in a rushing, eddying single flow of words, this book is randy and hilarious. It probably should be read in a single glorious sitting.