Susanna Clarke's Great Labyrinth's in Fiction

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Por UK

Susanna Clarke's Piranesi, shortlisted for the Women's Prize 2021, is out now in paperback. Here, the bestselling author selects great labyrinths in fiction that have influenced her writing.

Earthsea: The First Four Books: A Wizard of Earthsea * The Tombs of Atuan * The Farthest Shore * Tehanu

Ursula Le Guin

14,99 € 13,94 €

"Ursula Le Guin’s The Tombs of Atuan. It’s one of her Earthsea books and contains an underground labyrinth. It’s not a pleasant place, but it is fascinating (plus there’s a map, so you can walk around it by yourself if you like). The protagonist, Arha, must enter the labyrinth in total darkness. Once inside she is allowed to light a lamp or a torch. Like Piranesi, Arha prides herself on her skill in negotiating the labyrinth’s paths. Like Piranesi, there is a question over her real name. Like Piranesi, she faithfully follows rituals, but unlike Piranesi her gods prove false in the end."


Jorge Luis Borges

9,99 € 9,29 €

"The House of Asterion, a short story by Jorge Luis Borges contains a labyrinth very closely related to the one in Piranesi. It is quiet and dusty and empty."

The Art of Castle in the Sky

Hayao Miyazaki

25,00 € 23,25 €

"Laputa: The Castle in the Sky is a Studio Ghibli film by Hayao Miyazaki. This isn’t strictly speaking a labyrinth, it’s an intricate and surreal combination of trees and architecture – and it’s also in the sky. Its ancient robots faithfully tend the birds and the trees and plants in a very Piranesi sort of way."

Chatsworth, Arcadia, Now: Seven Scenes from the Life of a House

John-Paul Stonard

50,00 € 46,50 €

"Chatsworth maze. The hedge maze is more or less what you’d expect, rather dusty in summer and worn from all the people’s feet; but the space in which it stands, a great sunken rectangle surrounded by tall trees is very like an impossibly large, sunlit hall."

The Lord of the Rings

J. R. R. Tolkien

22,00 € 20,46 €

"The Mines of Moria from The Lord of the Rings are rather an obvious choice, I suppose, but I do love them in both the book and the film. Moria has all the pleasurable horrors of a labyrinth: a long, walk through the darkness, led by someone who’s forgotten the way, menaced by something people would rather not name, opening out into an ancient, ruined and deserted splendour."


Susanna Clarke

8,99 € 8,36 €

Lost texts must be found; secrets must be uncovered. The world that Piranesi thought he knew is becoming strange and dangerous.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Susanna Clarke

10,99 € 10,22 €

Two magicians shall appear in England. The first shall fear me; the second shall long to behold me...

The Ladies of Grace Adieu: and Other Stories

Susanna Clarke y Charles Vess

9,99 € 9,29 €

Vengeful owls, ladies who pass their time embroidering terrible fates or with endless paths in deep, dark woods and houses that never appear the same way twice.