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The Letter of the Law

The Good Lawyer: A Student Guide to Law and Ethics

Victoria) Evans Adrian (Monash University

The Art of Argument: A Guide to Mooting

Victoria) Kee Deakin University Christopher (Senior Researcher


David Ross

Lawyers and the Public Good: Democracy in Action?

Alan (University of Strathclyde) Paterson

Is Killing People Right?: More Great Cases that Shaped the...

Toronto) Hutchinson York University Allan C. (Osgoode Hall Law School

Can Human Rights Survive?

Conor (London School of Economics and Political Science) Gearty

Is There a Right of Freedom of Expression?

Larry (University of San Diego) Alexander

Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World

California) Friedman David D. (Santa Clara University

International Environmental Law

Pierre-Marie Dupuy y Jorge E. Vinuales

The Prisoners' Dilemma: Political Economy and Punishment in...

FBA (London School of Economics and Political Science) Lacey Nicola

Medical Law and Medical Ethics

Jose (University of Leicester) Miola y Germany) Hoppe Nils (Universitat Hannover

International Humanitarian Law

Emily Crawford y Alison Pert

A Magna Carta for Children?: Rethinking Children's Rights

Michael (University College London) Freeman

Reclaiming Everyday Peace: Local Voices in Measurement and...

Virginia) Firchow Pamina (George Mason University

The Sovereignty of Law: The European Way

Francis G. (King's College London) Jacobs