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Por V&A Bookshop

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The Poster: A Visual History

Catherine Flood, Zorian Clayton, et al.

Christian Dior

Oriole Cullen y Connie Karol Burks

Edward Bawden's London

Peyton Skipwith y Brian Webb

Japanese Netsuke

Julia Hutt

How to Dress for Success

Joe Hyams y Edith Head

Style and Satire: Fashion in Print 1777-1927

Catherine Flood y Sarah Grant

The Cast Courts

Angus Patterson y Marjorie Trusted

Charles James: Designer in Detail

Timothy A. Long y Leonie Davis

Horst: Photographer of Style

Susanna Brown y Anna Wintour

Kalighat Paintings

Sinha Suhashini

The Making of Sculpture

Marjorie Trusted

V&A Pattern: Heal's

Mary Schoeser

Made Up Love Song

Bettina von Zwehl y Chandler David

V&A Bags

Claire Wilcox

Brooches and Badges

Rachel Church


Rachel Church


Lucy Johnston y Linda Woolley

Voysey's Birds and Animals

Karen Livingstone

News from Nowhere

William Morris