Corporate Strategy For Dramatic Productivity Surge

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Corporate Strategy for Dramatic Productivity Surge deals with the very basics of productivity and cost performance — including abridgement of time, increase in speed, enhancement of capabilities, increase in sensitivity and precision, enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness, alteration of size, reduction of costs and increase in revenue, among others.This book consists of five parts — Introduction, Case Studies of Super Effects in Management Functions, Case Studies of Global Scale Super Effects Realized, Case Studies of Super Effects in Marketing Domains, and Conclusion: The Road to Realizing the Super Effect — featuring more than fifty successful cases of productivity surge or super effects, including risk-driven ones. Productivity surge herein means a dramatic reduction of costs, at least by one-tenth, while maintaining effectiveness or discontinuous increase in effectiveness by at least 10 times, while keeping the costs the same.Cases highlighted in the book are instrumental and valuable for the organizations worldwide to evaluate processes, avoid unnecessary failure and work towards future success.

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World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
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