Cotton Production


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Provides a comprehensive overview of the role of cotton in the economy and cotton production around the world

This book offers a complete look at the world’s largest fiber crop: cotton. It examines its effect on the global economy—its uses and products, harvesting and processing, as well as the major challenges and their solutions, recent trends, and modern technologies involved in worldwide production of cotton.

Cotton Production presents recent developments achieved by major cotton producing regions around the world, including China, India, USA, Pakistan, Turkey and Europe, South America, Central Asia, and Australia. In addition to origin and history, it discusses the recent advances in management practices, as well as the agronomic challenges and the solutions in the major cotton producing areas of the world. Keeping a focus on global context, the book provides sufficient details regarding the management of cotton crops. These details are not limited to the choice of cultivar, soil management, fertilizer and water management, pest control, cotton harvesting, and processing.

  • The first book to cover all aspects of cotton production in a global context
  • Details the role of cotton in the economy, the uses and products of cotton, and its harvesting and processing
  • Discusses the current state of cotton management practices and issues within and around the world’s cotton producing areas
  • Provides insight into the ways to improve cotton productivity in order to keep pace with the growing needs of an increasing population 

Cotton Production is an essential book for students taking courses in agronomy and cropping systems as well as a reference for agricultural advisors, extension specialists, and professionals throughout the industry.

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