Ecological Issues: Four-Volume Set

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Understanding the ecology of an environment presents the “bigger picture”, showing the interactions of energy and life and its surroundings against human involvement. Titles in this set reflect on-going and recent ideas today.

Marine Pollution and Human Health (2011, ISBN 9781849732406) Over two-thirds of the earth is covered in water, and the consequences of polluted marine ecosystems on human health cannot be ignored. This latest volume includes chapters from leading marine scientists and discusses pathogens and pollutions in marine ecosystems, along with the impact of toxins released by algal blooms. Looking to the future, the book examines the potential effects of climate change on marine pollution and outlines the challenges facing policy makers.

Ecosystem Services (2010, ISBN 9781849730181) As human populations grow, so do the resource demands imposed on ecosystems, and the impacts of anthropogenic use and abuse are becoming ever more apparent. This has led to the development of the concept of ecosystem services, which describes the beneficial functions provided by ecosystems for human society. Ecosystem services are limited, and there is an urgent imperative to evaluate trade-offs between immediate and long-term human needs and to take action to protect biodiversity.

Biodiversity under Threat (2007, 9780854042517) Industrial pollution, changes in agricultural practices and climate change, are all having a direct impact on biodiversity. This excellent text includes the work of some 44 authors and offers a solid description of the current understanding of threats to biodiversity with a range of illustrative examples - a valuable point of reference for ecologists, environmental scientists, and students as well as, policymakers and all other environmental professionals.

Chemistry in the Marine Environment (2000, ISBN 9780854042609) Written by international experts in the field, Chemistry in the Marine Environment offers a multidisciplinary and authoritative review of this important topic. Included is a review of the opportunities and challenges in developing new pharmaceuticals from the sea and an examination of contamination and pollution in the marine environment, which is a cause of great concern world-wide. The international perspective of this book will engage the interest and attention of a wide readership.

This is a print only set.

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