Engineering Aspects of Geologic CO2 Storage: Synergy between Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage

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This timely book explores the lessons learned in and potentials of injecting supercritical CO2 into depleted oil and gas reservoirs, in order to maximize both hydrocarbon recovery and the storage capacities of injected CO2.

The author provides a detailed discussion of key engineering parameters of simultaneous CO2 enhanced oil recovery and CO2 storage in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs. These include candidate site selection, CO2 oil miscibility, maximizing CO2-storage capacity in enhanced oil recovery operations, well configurations, and cap and reservoir rock integrity.

The book will help practicing professionals devise strategies to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels for energy production via geologic CO2 storage, while developing CO2 injection as an economically viable and environmentally sensible business model for hydrocarbon exploration and production in a low carbon economy.

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