Financial Forecasting in Microsoft Excel

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4 out of 5 businesses fail due to cash problems needlessly. Every business owner has the tools to accurately forecast cash flow, they just don't know it. Financial Forecasting in Microsoft® Excel shows small- to medium-sized businesses how to achieve the same forecasting power as larger companies. Filled with a wealth of illustrations and how-to templates, the book is written to help you make better, more educated decisions that result in more stable, enduring companies. Author Jeff Prager shows you how to use Excel to run "if/then" scenarios, calculate cash flow projections, structure partnerships and financing, and test how changes in the market or pricing will affect the bottom line.

Financial Forecasting in Microsoft Excel provides step-by-step instructions for creating financial forecasts with Microsoft Excel 2010 so you can: Assess project feasibility; Fund company cash needs; Determine financial feasibility of a project before committing; Identify problems before they become major. By following the guidelines presented in this book, you will give a potential funding source the necessary information to make an investment decision. And when they see the information they want to see, you'll hear the words you want to hear: "Here's your check." Forecasts must be meaningful and explainable. Jeff Prager's financial mastery has allowed my companies to make profitable decisions, change course when necessary and maintain relevance in our industry for more than 20 years.

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