Fitness for Life

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Fitness for Life provides teachers and students with the most comprehensive and current evidence- and standards-based content available to help students to become physically literate and to be physically active throughout their lives. The seventh edition of this Texty Award–winning text is based on established education theory and follows a pedagogically sound scope and sequence to enhance learning and help students take responsibility for their own activity, fitness, health, and wellness.

New to This Edition
Fitness for Life is more than a fitness education program—it’s a conceptual physical education (CPE) program that addresses all national physical education standards. New features include the following:
  • Fully updated content includes new videos, photos, and ancillaries.
  • Universal design principles provide accessibility for all students.
  • Reorganized chapters enhance content flow.
  • New emphasis is placed on physical literacy and health literacy.
  • There is expanded coverage of social-emotional learning.
  • A modular approach and a comprehensive teacher’s guide support different schedules and remote learning, in-class learning, and blended approaches.
  • A new delivery platform, HKPropel, allows teachers to assign worksheets and projects, check on student progress, receive reports, and automatically scores tests.
  • An online teacher training course, free to adopters of the student text, includes a test for those who want to earn a certificate of completion.
Student and Teacher Resources
Fitness for Life comes with an array of resources, including a print text and ebook with web resource, an interactive web text, and teacher ancillaries.

The student text offers 21 chapters in seven units. Chapters include lesson objectives, vocabulary words, muscle art, and self-assessments. Other special features in the book include Tech Trends, Fit Facts, Science in Action, Academic Connection, Taking Action activities, and Consumer Corner.

To assist students using the print book or ebook, the Fitness for Life, Seventh Edition, Web Resource features easy access to material referenced in the text, including vocabulary terms with English and Spanish definitions and audio pronunciations, worksheets, and chapter reviews.

Fitness for Life, Seventh Edition, is also available as an interactive web text, which students can access from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The student interactive web textbook contains the same content as the print book but uses interactive audio, video, worksheets, and other great activities to help students engage with the material and enhance learning. The interactive web textbook offers audio vocabulary and definitions in English and Spanish. Introductory videos at the beginning of each lesson help students assess their knowledge going in, while videos at the end of each lesson help students put what they’ve learned into context.

Enduring Features of This Iconic Text
  • Meets SHAPE America’s latest grade-level standards and outcomes
  • Employs Dr. Corbin’s iconic HELP philosophy and Stairway to Lifetime Fitness, Health, and Wellness approach
  • Helps students become informed consumers about physical activity and fitness
  • Helps develop students’ self-management skills
  • Separates fitness facts from fiction
With its updated content and its new online training course, delivery platform, and ancillaries, Fitness for Life, Seventh Edition, is ideally suited to instruction in a gym, outdoors, in a classroom, entirely online, or in a blended approach.

Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with all new print books.


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