Inspiring Science in the Early Years: Exploring Good Practice

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This book explores the science inherent in good early years practice and provides a rich range of ideas to inspire you to ‘have a go’ in your setting. It provides a balance between theory which underpins good practice and plenty of ideas of how you might put the theory into practice.

With a focus on how children learn about the world they live in and activities intended to develop scientific understanding the book offers an holistic approach, with key topics including:

  • How children construct scientific meaning
  • Tuning into children's initial scientific understanding
  • How play supports the development of children's science ideas
  • Providing a rich environment for learning early years science
  • Developing children's scientific experiences

    This handy guide is ideal to support you if you are studying on an early years course, or if you are an established early years professional who wishes to enrich early scientific learning in your setting. Lois Kelly and Di Stead are Education Consultants specializing in primary science.

    This clearly written and engaging book examines Science in the Early Years through a variety of activities, including role-play, toys and technology. The vital importance of sensory experiences and language is emphasized throughout.

    The wide experience and knowledge of the authors guarantees a highly enjoyable read. The links to all curricula in the UK are extremely beneficial and I particularly liked the way that photographs and Key Points text boxes have been used throughout the book. The breadth and depth of writing about science makes this a highly desirable book for any practitioner working or studying in the Early Years.
    Kathy Brodie, Independent Early Years Consultant

    As an Early Years consultant who is passionate about children's thinking, exploring, questioning, investigating and most of all engaging…I really enjoyed this book. I especially liked it because it provokes practitioners to think about 'science' as the discovery and exploration of the world around us and not just as a National Curriculum subject. The mix of authors, their writing styles and the content of each chapter makes it a really easy and engaging read. Definitely one to add to your reading list if you work with children in the Early Years.
    Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Early Years Consultant

    As the title suggests, this book from the first page onwards inspires the reader to learn more about how to develop, enhance and incorporate effective practice in science in the early years. In addition to developing an understanding of how to approach the teaching of science, it gives a clearly articulated and accessible theoretical insight into how young children learn. To compliment this there are points of reflection, case studies, practical tasks and examples from the field. This is a valuable book for both students and practitioners alike as it goes beyond just giving suggestions for what to do; it explains the why and the how as well.
    Joanne McNulty, Manchester Metropolitan University

    This is a warm, accessible book, strongly grounded in research. It interweaves real life examples of science in the early years with underlying pedagogic principles and inspires new possibilities. The enthusiasm of the authors is contagious!
    Kendra McMahon, Bath Spa University

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