Learning to Live with Bipolar Disorder

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In 'Learning to live with bipolar disorder' Jane McGraham describes the early warning signs that help her to recognize changes in her moods and the action plans she uses to cope with mood changes. This book will be of interest to those who, like Jane, live with a mental disorder. Despite years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse she was often described as 'Jane the Dauntless' by her father. To the outside world, Jane was a happy child, but inwardly she had lived a lot of her life in a glass box. She can see out, but others, for years, could not see in. Following the death of her mother, Jane no longer had to pretend that all was well and her life fragmented and shattered. Following a spell in hospital, she was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in her forties. Still experiencing manic depressive episodes today, Jane, like many others, struggles to live with the condition.

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