Life at Extremes: Space

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A beautifully illustrated exploration of the ultimate extreme environment - space

From the icy poles to the deepest parts of the oceans, humans have explored Earth's most challenging environments, and have even journeyed on into space. But how did these places form and what are the features that make them unique? How do humans live and work in these harsh landscapes? Most importantly, how is human activity impacting them and their natural inhabitants and wildlife, and what does the future hold for them?

Life at Extremes: Space explores the vast, distant and mysterious expanses of space and looks at how we on Earth have managed to travel into it and survive its many challenges. It describes how, as technology progresses, space tourism and even colonies on other planets are becoming less of a distant dream and more of a future reality.

Perfect reading for budding explorers aged 9 and up.

The night sky
Our solar system
Extraterrestrial landscapes
What's the weather like?
Sending life into space
Moon landings
Training for life in space
Early homes in space
Life in space
Space tourism
Mission to Mars
The future of life in space
Glossary and out-of-this-world information

Titles in the series:
Life at Extremes: Space
Life at Extremes: The Poles
Life at Extremes: Underground
Life at Extremes: Under the Sea

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