Luftwaffe Over the Far North Part 1

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• Beautifully drawn colour profiles

Camouflage history has always been a fascinating topic for modelers. This series shows not only how specific vehicles or aircraft were painted, but also enables the reader to finish their model of to a very high standard by using the decals sheets.

A big decal sheet with 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 individual markings for 8 various Luftwaffe aircraft, which served in the Far North. The decal sheet was printed by Cartograf. Each painting scheme is depicted on beautifully drawn 4-view colour profiles and thoroughly described in a guidebook with English and Polish text.

The selection contains the following aircraft: - Bf 109 E-7; 'Yellow 7', flown by Oblt. Horst Carganico, Staffelkapitän of 1./JG 77 (JGr. z.b.V.), Petsamo, 25 September 1941, - Bf 109 E-7, W.Nr. 6274; 'Red 19', flown by Fw. Josef Wirtz of 5./JG 5, Kirkenes-Høybuktmoen, April 1942, - Bf 109 F-4; 'Yellow 10', flown by Fw. Hans Döbrich of 6./JG 5, Petsamo, 30 June 1942, - Bf 109 E-7; flown by Hptm. Günther Scholz, Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG 5, Petsamo, August 1942, - Bf 109 G-2; flown by Oblt. Günther Schwanecke of Stab II./JG 5, Salmijärvi, August-September 1943, - Bf 109 G-14; 'Blue 11', flown by Uffz. Karl-Heinz Erler of 16./JG 5, Rygge, April 1945, - Bf 109 G-6, W.Nr. 411960; flown by Hptm. Franz Dörr, Gruppenkommandeur of III./JG 5, Gossen, May 1945, - Bf 110 C-4, possibly W.Nr. 3271; coded '2N+DR'

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