Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century - Embracing a Digital World, 3rd Edition - Book 2: Nursing Education and Digital He

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Nursing Education and Digital Health Strategies explores the current state of health and healthcare education, as well as that of nursing informatics education. These topics include technologies-enabled education for all nurses and interprofessional collaborations from a worldwide perspective. The "New" learning for applied critical thinking will include technology, content, skills versus tools, and the use of "smart" systems for care delivery, the role of critical thinking, and uniqueness of nursing care delivery. Further, how these changes are understood as a paradigm shift that needs to be incorporated along with nursing and healthcare education is emphasized. The effects of technology on human behavior are also explored, addressing human–factors interaction, interdependence of human–computer interaction, and other effects of technology on wellbeing. As part of nursing education, learning from clients/patients to better shape and advance nursing education and scholarship are discussed. Academic–clinical practice partnerships for a digital future, how teams are working together (clinician/teacher) for better healthcare delivery and applied knowledge—including joint appointments (exchange of academia and applied expertise), academic–applied human resources, and interprofessional learning/development—are discussed.

This book closes by discussing and using case studies to showcase nursing competencies for the next decade, implications for preparing the healthcare workforce for a digital world, faculty readiness, and the interaction with gaming and simulations. Nursing informatics education, including continuing education beyond academia, i.e., informal education, worldwide, as well as global challenges to support digital world capabilities are described. Hands-on Experiential Delivery and learning-based case studies are also included.

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century – Embracing a Digital World, 3rd Edition is comprised of four books which can be purchased individually:

Book 1: Realizing Digital Health – Bold Challenges and Opportunities for Nursing

Book 2: Nursing Education and Digital Health Strategies

Book 3: Innovation, Technology, and Applied Informatics for Nurses

Book 4: Nursing in an Integrated Digital World that Supports People, Systems, and the Planet

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