Photonics and Quantum Structures

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Discusses topics related to fabrication of nanoscale, quantum confined structures and their application depending on the nature of light-matter interaction. In the recent decade, nanoscale systems have received considerable attention owing to size dependent tunable optical, electronic and magnetic properties.

The nanoscale structures obey quantum mechanical laws and hence, popularly known as quantum confined solids/structures. These quantum structures can provide a common platform where physics, chemistry, biology and engineering sciences can interplay in a cooperative way. The science and technology of manipulation of photons in confined systems like quantum structures and also the generation, emission, transmission, detection and sensing is termed as Photonics.

Apart from an overview on plasmonics, the book highlights systematic investigation of nanoscale optoelectronic and luminescent materials, conducting polymers, biofunctionalization, ferroelectric materials, nonlinear spectroscopy, supersymmetry etc.

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