Safety Fables for Today: Traditional Tales with Modern Meaning

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Putting a modern spin on some childhood stories, Safety Fables for Today introduces Zac and the Beanstalk, cautioning against dropped objects and falls from height; a Perilous Porridge Pot, overflowing with oats and useful insights on preventing loss of containment; a Super-Sized Swede presenting big manual handling challenges, and updated versions of many other familiar tales too.

In embarking upon this journey, Laura J Cahill draws on the power of storytelling, helped by a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust and the company of some fictional folk along the way, providing fresh thought for those seeking to properly manage their activities, and a gentle bedtime read for anyone else with a passing interest in the field of health and safety.

Needless to say, there’s more to these tales and their characters than first meets the eye – not least because of the insights they offer to organisations seeking to control real-world risks, reinvigorate health and safety agendas, and secure happy endings of their own. Through understanding the messages conveyed by these fictional players and addressing these within their own workplace settings, readers can play their part in ensuring that beyond simply living happily, workers remain injury-free, enjoy good health, and live safely ever after too.

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