Strategies for Better Thinking: An Advanced Model for Organizational Performance Consultants

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Waller and Nielsen focus on teaching the techniques for better thinking that the authors have used themselves for creativity, strategic planning, idea generation, process improvements, and thinking enhancement. Through the usage of a four-stage model, readers learn to understand, identify, and apply thinking strategies—their own as well as others'—enabling them to quickly recall and use them successfully.

Each one of us has the ability to think clearly and powerfully, as we all use particular strategies for thinking in various personal and professional situations. One of the most interesting, yet overlooked, aspects of thinking is that each of us does it differently. Unfortunately, most of us have never been taught to think, let alone how to identify and use our natural thinking strategies. This informative and innovative work provides readers with an awareness for the uniqueness of each person's thinking strategies, and presents skills and techniques for recognizing and applying the characteristics of those strategies. The authors use a format that is easy to read and apply, providing a way to maximize thinking strategies and achieve greater performance in virtually any context. The result is a book not only for organizational behavior specialists, human resource professionals, and others who help people develop their skills and talents, but also a book that can be read and immediately put to use by employees themselves.

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