The Little Book of Auras: Protect, strengthen and heal your energy fields

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A gift or self-purchase for anyone interested in spirituality and wellness. An introduction to aural healing, this little book offers explanations of the seven subtle bodies (or layers) of auras and how to identify the ones that are stagnant. You will learn to read and interpret the health of your auras as well as cleanse, protect, balance and heal them. And because your mood, health, the food you eat, your environment and the positive or negative energy around you can all affect your auras, these are also addressed, as is associated energy work with crystals, meditation, visualization and rites and rituals.

Learning more about your personal energy fields will help you understand yourself better and improve areas that are weakened, whether that's health, fear, grief, home life, career or romance.

'The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.' Lucien Freud

A simple way to cleanse your aura is to close your eyes, picture a white light radiating from within your body outwards, and flowing through all the subtle bodies. Think of it as a bright light clearing away and dissipating the dark clouds.

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