History of fashion

The Medieval World

Kathy Elgin

Fashion, History, Museums: Inventing the Display of Dress

Canada) Petrov Julia (Royal Alberta Museum

Unwrapping Tongan Barkcloth: Encounters, Creativity and...

The Netherlands) Veys Fanny Wonu (National Museum of World Cultures

Sneakers: Fashion, Gender, and Subculture

USA) Kawamura Yuniya (Fashion Institute of Technology

The Royal Wardrobe

Rosie Harte

The Business of Time: A Global History of the Watch Industry

Pierre-Yves (Professor of Business History) Donze

Items: Is Fashion Modern?

Paola Antonelli y Michelle Millar Fisher

Libertine Fashion: Sexual Freedom, Rebellion, and Style

Australia) Geczy Adam (University of Sydney y New Zealand) Karaminas Wellington Vicki (Massey University