Theatre direction & production

In The Heights (movie selections)

Quiara Alegria Hudes, Lin-Manuel Miranda, et al.

How to Produce a West End Show

Julius (Author) Green

The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Directing

Toronto) Innes Christopher (York University y University of London) Shevtsova Maria (Goldsmiths

Bright Lights, Big Changes

Steven Rivellino

Music Direction for the Stage: A View from the Podium

New York University) Church Instructor in Musical Theater Joseph (Instructor in Musical Theater

The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography

USA) Aronson Professor Arnold (Columbia University

El condenado por desconfiado

Tirso de Molina

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En la academia de doblaje

Rafael Bernabeu Rupérez

12,50 €

The Technical Director's Toolkit: Process, Forms, and...

Lexington) Stribling Zachary (University of Kentucky y Richard Girtain