Baroque music (c 1600 to c 1750)

The Vivaldi Compendium

Michael Talbot

Method for the One-Keyed Flute

Janice Dockendorff Boland

Desperate Measures: The Life and Music of Antonia Padoani Bembo

Wellesley College) Fontijn Associate Professor of Musicology Claire (Associate Professor of Musicology

Aesthetics of Opera in the Ancien Regime, 1647-1785

Downing A. (University of Iowa) Thomas


Romain Rolland


The late Malcolm Boyd

The Life of Handel

Victor Schoelcher

Doctor Arne

Hubert Langley

The Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach, Volume I:...

Richard D. P. (Music writer and Editor) Jones

Roman Monody, Cantata and Opera from the Circles around...

University of Illinois) Hill Professor of Music John Walter (Professor of Music