Language: history & general works

Aristotle on Language and Style: The Concept of Lexis

Belgium) Kotarcic Ana (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Words and Their Meaning

UK) Jackson Howard (Birmingham City University

The Word at War: World War Two in 100 Phrases

Mr Philip Gooden y Peter Lewis

Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil...

Albert Einstein Institute) Sharp Founder Gene (Founder

Early Greek Relative Clauses

University lecturer in Classical Philology and Linguistics Philomen (University lecturer in Classical Philology and Linguistics

Applying English Grammar.: Corpus and Functional Approaches

Ann Hewings, Kieran O'Halloran, et al.

History of the English Language

Bill Lucas y Christopher Mulvey

What to Talk About

Chris Colin y Robert Baedeker

Linguistics and Law

Jeffrey P. Kaplan