Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900

Jane Austen's Erotic Advice

Pomona College) Raff Associate Professor of English Sarah (Associate Professor of English

British Settler Emigration in Print, 1832-1877

University of Chester) Piesse Lecturer in English Jude (Lecturer in English

Wordsworth, Commodification, and Social Concern: The Poetics...

Davis) Simpson David (University of California

Baudelaire and the Second Republic: Writing and Revolution

University of Sussex) Burton Lecturer in French Richard D. E. (Lecturer in French

Maurice Maeterlinck and the Making of Modern Theatre

Oxford) McGuinness St Anne's College Fellow and Tutor in French Patrick (Fellow and Tutor in French

Ideology and Utopia in the Poetry of William Blake

Nicholas M. (Indiana University) Williams

Tolstoy's Major Fiction

Edward Wasiolek

Women's Experience of Modernity, 1875-1945

George Mason University) Ardis College of Humanitites nad Social Sciences Ann L. (Dean y The College of St. Rose) Lewis Leslie W. (Assistant Professor