Literary studies: post-colonial literature

Stefan Heym: Socialist - Dissenter - Jew Stefan Heym:...

Peter Hutchinson y Reinhard K. Zachau

J.M. Coetzee and the Novel: Writing and Politics after Beckett

Oxford) Hayes Patrick (Teaching Fellow in English Literature at St John's College

State of Peril: Race and Rape in South African Literature

University of Western Cape) Graham Research Fellow Lucy Valerie (Research Fellow

Poetry, Print, and the Making of Postcolonial Literature

Atlanta) Suhr-Sytsma Nathan (Emory University

Poetry of Kings: The Classical Hindi Literature of Mughal India

Columbia University Hindi and Indian Literature Assistant Professor Hindi and Indian Literature Allison (Assistant Professor

Cold War Assemblages: Decolonization to Digital

USA) Shringarpure Bhakti (University of Connecticut

The Postcolonial Unconscious

Neil (University of Warwick) Lazarus

Postcolonial Asylum: Seeking Sanctuary Before the Law

University of Edinburgh) Farrier Languages and Cultures David (School of Literatures

The Matter of High Words: Naturalism, Normativity, and the...

Boston University) Chodat Associate Professor of English Robert (Associate Professor of English