Thriller / suspense

The Thief of Sacred

Jacqueline (Florida State University College of Medicine) Lloyd

The Dallas Mercenary

Michael Oren

Crazy on You

Nicole Terry

A Fractured Land

Melissa a Volker

Ohnmacht: Roman

Bjoern Blaak

Nur zwei Todsunden

Siegfried Gruber

Raising Cane

Richard Cleveland

The Departed

Chase McCown


Susan Elle

Crime Plot

Ronald Williams Sr

Curdled Dream a Novel

Rasheed Rambler


Klaus Schwamborn

The Hiding Heiress

Jeanna Brown

The Paradise Paradox

Schuyler J Ebersol

The Lost Continent

Edgar Rice Burroughs


Jennifer C Parker

Opening Bell

Keith D. Cummings

Dusty Gold

Eveline Mears