Colonialism & imperialism

Settler Colonialism

Alyosha Goldstein y Alex Lubin

Independent Timor-Leste: Between Coercion and Consent

Douglas (National University of Singapore) Kammen

The Ideological Origins of Nazi Imperialism

San Antonio) Smith University of Texas Professor of History Woodruff D. (Professor of History

Discovering Indigenous Lands: The Doctrine of Discovery in...

Oregon) Miller Portland Lewis & Clark Law School Robert J. (Professor of Law, University of Otago) Ruru Jacinta (Senior Lecturer, et al.

Romantic Colonization and British Anti-Slavery

Deirdre (University of Sydney) Coleman

Theologies of Guadalupe: From the Era of Conquest to Pope...

University of Notre Dame) Matovina Department of Theology Professor and Chair Timothy (Professor and Chair

Sikhs in the Deccan and North-East India

India) Singh Patiala Punjabi University Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Birinder Pal (Professor of Eminence