Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge

The Intellectual and Social Organization of the Sciences

Manchester Bu Professor of Organizational Sociology Manchester Business School Richard (Professor of Organizational Sociology

Normativity and Control

King's College London) Owens Professor of Philosophy David (Professor of Philosophy

Saving Truth From Paradox

Hartry (New York University) Field

Correspondence and Disquotation: An Essay on the Nature of Truth

University of Notre Dame) David Assistant Professor of Philosophy Marian (Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Epistemological Disjunctivism

Duncan (University of Edinburgh) Pritchard

Knowledge and Ideology: The Epistemology of Social and...

Michael (University of South Florida) Morris

Seven Puzzles of Thought: And How to Solve Them: An...

Michael (University of Texas at Austin) Tye y R. M. (University of Texas at Austin) Sainsbury

Denial of Death

Ernest Becker

Theory of Knowledge

Keith Lehrer

Fallibilism: Evidence and Knowledge

University of St Andrews) Brown Professor of Philosophy Jessica (Professor of Philosophy

Robert Boyle and the Limits of Reason

Alabama) Wojcik Jan W. (Auburn University

Neoliberal Arts II

Keith N Ferreira

Quantum Heresies

Kent Peacock

Intellectual Trust in Oneself and Others

Richard (New York University) Foley