Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge

Rationality and Coordination

Pennsylvania) Bicchieri Carnegie Mellon University Cristina (Carol and Michael Lowenstein Professor of Philosophy

The Legal Mind: A New Introduction to Legal Epistemology

Krakow) Broz ek Bartosz (Jagiellonian University

The Intellectual and Social Organization of the Sciences

Manchester Bu Professor of Organizational Sociology Manchester Business School Richard (Professor of Organizational Sociology

Changes of Mind: An Essay on Rational Belief Revision

The Ohio State Univer and Adjunct Professor in Cognitive Science Neil (Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor in Philosophy

The Concept of Reduction

Raphael van Riel

The Last Word

New York University) Nagel Professor of Philosophy and Law Thomas (Professor of Philosophy and Law

Objects of Thought

A. N. Prior

Denial of Death

Ernest Becker

Knowledge and Ideology: The Epistemology of Social and...

Michael (University of South Florida) Morris

The Epistemic Innocence of Irrational Beliefs

University of Birmingham) Bortolotti Professor of Philosophy Lisa (Professor of Philosophy

Rationality and Reflection: How to Think About What to Think

Jonathan L. (Baylor University) Kvanvig

An Essay on Belief and Acceptance

Oxford) Cohen The Queen's College Emeritus Fellow L. Jonathan (Emeritus Fellow

The Justification of Science and the Rationality of Religious...

Peterhouse and Director of Studies in Philosophy Fellow Dean and Director of Studies in Philosophy Fellow Michael C. (Dean

Explaining Attitudes: A Practical Approach to the Mind

Amherst) Baker University of Massachusetts Lynne Rudder (Distinguished Professor


John Hawthorne