Religion & politics

This American Moment: A Feminist Christian Realist Intervention

University of St Andrews) Gentry School of International Relations Lecturer Caron E. (Lecturer

Mormonism and White Supremacy: American Religion and The...

San Diego State Univ Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement Joanna (Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement

Nationhood, Providence, and Witness

Edinburgh University) Moseley Carys (School of Divinity

Power Politics: Primeval, Medieval, and Constant Evil

Leonard (University of Birmingham) Smith

Freedom of Religion or Belief: An International Law Commentary

Heiner (Professor of Human Rights and Human Rights Politics at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg) Bielefeldt, Nazila (Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford and member of the OSCE Panel of Expert, et al.

Becoming Queer and Religious in Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysia) Bong Sharon A. (Monash University Malaysia