Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church

The Way of the Cross

Rainer Maria Rilke

Monastic Practices

OCSO Cummings Charles

Lights for the Path

John Sullivan

The Mystery of Easter

OFM Cap Cantalamessa Raniero

The New Millennium - AD 2003-2005

William L Roth y Timothy Parsons-Heather

Councils for Married Persons

St Frances De Sales

The Archangels

Wyatt North

Inner Life and Worlds of Soul & Spirit: Prayers, Parables,...

Anne Catherine Emmerich y James Richard Wetmore

The Life of the Virgin Mary: Ancestors, Essenes, Parents,...

Anne Catherine Emmerich y James Richard Wetmore

Spiritual Works & Journeys: The Nuptial House, Vineyard,...

James Richard Wetmore y Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Eschatology of Hans Urs von Balthasar: Eschatology as...

Ave Maria University) Healy Jr. (Director of the Austrian Program and Assistant Professor of Theology Nicholas J.