History of ideas

The Social Contract

Jean-Jacques Rousseau y G D H Cole

The Ideas Industry: How Pessimists, Partisans, and Plutocrats...

Tufts University) Drezner Professor of International Politics Daniel W. (Professor of International Politics

Mill and Paternalism

University of London) Claeys Gregory (Royal Holloway

The Origins of Post-War German Politics

UK.) Marshall University of East Anglia Barbara (Research Associate

Citizenship, Identity, and Social History

New York) Tilly Charles (New School for Social Research

Trust in Early Modern International Political Thought, 1598-1713

Peter (University College London) Schroeder

Mill and Liberalism

Maurice Cowling

Faces of Degeneration: A European Disorder, c.1848-1918

Daniel (Queen Mary University of London) Pick

Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa

Saul (University of Sussex) Dubow