History of ideas

Intellectuals and the French Communist Party: Disillusion and...

Oxford) Hazareesingh Balliol College Official Fellow and Tutor in Politics Sudhir (Official Fellow and Tutor in Politics

Andre Gorz: A Critical Introduction

Conrad Lodziak y Jeremy Tatman

Consensus and Disunity: The Lloyd George Coalition Government...

Aberystwyth) Morgan University College of Wales Principal Kenneth O. (Principal

History of the Australian Environment Movement

Drew (Queensland University of Technology) Hutton y Libby (University of Southern Queensland) Connors

The German Idea of Militarism: Radical and Socialist Critics...

Nicholas (University of London) Stargardt

Psychologists on the March: Science, Practice, and...

James H. (Indiana University) Capshew

Conventionalism: From Poincare to Quine

Yemima (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Ben-Menahem