History of ideas

John Locke, Toleration and Early Enlightenment Culture

John (The Johns Hopkins University) Marshall

Sovereignty, Property and Empire, 1500-2000

Andrew (University of Sydney) Fitzmaurice

The White Image in the Black Mind: African-American Ideas...

and C Assistant Professor of History and Co-Director of the Center for Historial Analysis Mia (Assistant Professor of History

Lectures on the Philosophy of World History

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Erasmus on His Times: A Shortened Version of the 'Adages' of...

Margaret Mann (University College London) Phillips

Mesmeric Experiences

Spencer Timothy Hall

Erasing the Invisible Hand: Essays on an Elusive and Misused...

Warren J. (Michigan State University) Samuels

The Enlightenment's Fable: Bernard Mandeville and the...

Vancouver) Hundert E. J. (University of British Columbia