Ethical issues & debates

White Feminism

Koa Beck



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White Feminism

Koa Beck

Drug Control and the Courts

James A. Inciardi, Duane C. McBride, et al.

Pioneering Ethics in a Longitudinal Study: The Early...

Karen (University of Bristol) Birmingham

Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule: Perspectives of Social...

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, and Sensory Sciences Board on Behavioral Cognitive, et al.

Law and the Web of Society

Cynthia L. Cates y Wayne V. McIntosh

Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Pentland and Sciences Arts Alex (Toshiba Professor of Media

Cambridge Studies in Law and Society

Ottawa) Hunt Alan (Carleton University

Towards Industrial Freedom

Edward Carpenter

After Dolly: The Uses and Misuses of Human Cloning

Sir Ian Wilmut y Roger Highfield

Pandemia globalización ecología ¿qué piensa la hermenéutica...

Teresa;y otros Oñate y Zubía

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