Hispanic & Latino studies

Solidarity in Practice: Moral Protest and the US Security State

New York) Russo Chandra (Colgate University

Anti-Neoliberal Populisms in Comparative Perspective: A...

Chile) Padoan Enrico (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

The Politics of Transitional Justice in Latin America: Power,...

Ezequiel A. (University of Oxford) Gonzalez-Ocantos

The Politics of Modern Central America: Civil War,...

Greensboro) Lehoucq Fabrice (University of North Carolina

Mexicans in San Jose

Nannette Regua y Arturo Villarreal

Ale y Su Estrellita

Manuel Silva Escalera

Becoming Bicultural: Risk, Resilience, and Latino Youth

Paul R. Smokowski y Martica Bacallao

Be Autentico: Your Journey to Latino Career Success

Andres Tomas Tapia, Angel Gomez, et al.

The Haitian Economy: Man, Land and Markets

Sweden) Lundahl Mats (Stockholm School of Economics