Sociology: family & relationships

Lament for a Son

Nicholas P. Wolterstoff

Ensuring Inequality: The Structural Transformation of the...

University of Southern California) Franklin John Milner Child Welfare Professor Donna L. (John Milner Child Welfare Professor

Self-Esteem in Time and Place: How American Families...

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Miller Professor Emerita of Psychology Peggy J. (Professor Emerita of Psychology y St. Olaf College) Cho Associate Professor of Psychology Grace E. (Associate Professor of Psychology

Marriage A Search For Healing

United States) Lewis Jerry M. (University of Delaware

Family Ties

John Logan

Spiritual Divorce

Debbie Ford

Family Life in China

Robert L. Moore y William R. Jankowiak


Michael Panar

Studying Media Effects on Children and Youth: Improving...

Program Committee for a Workshop on Improving Research on Interactive Media and Children's Health, Institute of Medicine, et al.

Strengthening Benefit-Cost Analysis for Early Childhood...

Committee on Strengthening Benefit-Cost Methodology for the Evaluation of Early Childhood Interventions, Institute of Medicine, et al.