Emergency services

Why Airplanes Crash: Aviation Safety in a Changing World

School of Public and Environment Affai Associate Dean School of Public and Environment Affairs Jr (Associate Dean Clinton V., College of William and Mary) Assistant Professor Business Administration John S. (Assistant Professor Business Administration, et al.

Making Medical Spending Decisions: The Law, Ethics, and...

Wake Forest University) Hall Professor of Law and Public Health Mark A. (Professor of Law and Public Health

Animals in Disasters

Dick (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Green

Healthcare Emergency Incident Management Operations Guide

USA) Glarum TN Alcoa Jan (Emergency Response Consultant

Mental Health Outcome Evaluation

U.S.A.) Speer Florida Tampa University of South Florida David C. (The Louis de la Plarte Florida Mental Health Institute

Physical Security and Environmental Protection

Canada) Perdikaris Ontario John (Engineering Consultant