Social, group or collective psychology

Human Relations Protocol

Susan Louise Peterson

Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication

Kim Giffin y Bobby R. Patton

The Marvel of Martyrdom: The Power of Self-Sacrifice in a...

National Conso Department of Homeland Security Postdoctoral Fellow Sophia (Department of Homeland Security Postdoctoral Fellow y Co-director of the Solomon Asch Center f Clark (Co-director of the Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict

Finding the Muse: A Sociopsychological Inquiry into the...

Massachusetts) Freeman Mark (College of the Holy Cross

Social Psychology: Shared, Symboled, Situated Behavior

Jerry D. Cardwell y Glenn M. Vernon

Interpersonal Relationships and Health: Social and Clinical...

Department of Psychological Scienc Professor and Head Department of Psychological Sciences Christopher R. (Professor and Head y Assistant Professor of Clinical Psyc Department of Psychological Sciences Susan C. (Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology