Comparative politics

Hamilton's Paradox: The Promise and Peril of Fiscal Federalism

Jonathan A. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Rodden

A Claytons Defense

Stan Krasnoff

Mobilizing Poor Voters: Machine Politics, Clientelism, and...

Oregon) Szwarcberg Mariela (Reed College

Trust and Rule

New York) Tilly Charles (Columbia University

The Paradox of Traditional Chiefs in Democratic Africa

Connecticut) Baldwin Kate (Yale University

Oil Is Not a Curse: Ownership Structure and Institutions in...

Rhode Island) Jones Luong Pauline (Brown University y North Carolina) Weinthal Erika (Duke University

Hierarchical Capitalism in Latin America: Business, Labor,...

Ben Ross (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Schneider

Rule of the Clan

Weiner Mark S. Weiner

Social Thinking

Colin Everest