Political parties

Always Red

Len McCluskey



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Party Government

Elmer E. Schattschneider y etc.

Transforming Labor-Based Parties in Latin America: Argentine...

Massachusetts) Levitsky Steven (Harvard University

If Money Talks, What Does it Say?: Corruption and Business...

Dublin City University) McMenamin School of Law and Government Iain (Senior Lecturer

The Democratic Party Heads North, 1877-1962

Alan (University of Oxford) Ware

Parties, Politics, and Public Policy in America

Bruce A. Larson y Marc J. Hetherington

Political Parties in Britain

Matt Cole y Helen Deighan

New Cultural Identitarian Political Movements in Developing...

Germany) Schwecke Sebastian (University of Goettingen

Who Votes?

Raymond E. Wolfinger y Steven J. Rosenstone

The Origins of the Republican Party 1852-1856

University of Wyoming) Gienapp William E. (Assistant Professor of History

Better or Worse?: Has Labour Delivered?

Polly Toynbee y David Walker