Corporate finance

Foundations of Finance, Global Edition

Arthur Keown, John Martin, et al.

Foundations of Finance [RENTAL EDITION]

John Martin, J. Petty, et al.

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Laurence Booth y Sean Cleary

Singapore Blue Chips, The: The Rewards & Risks Of Investing...

Hong Kong) Desai Umesh (Thomson Reuters y Nandini (-) Vijayaraghavan

What's Your Business Worth?: The entrepreneur and advisor's...

Daniel Priestley, Scott Gabehart, et al.

Financial Analysis and Decision Making

Director of Executive Development Vance David E

Mergers & Acquisitions And Partnerships In China

Uk) Coispeau Olivier (Maverlinn y France) Luo Stephane (Inalco & Paris Vii Univ

The CFO Handbook

Mark Haskins y Benjamin Makela

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers, et al.

Introduction to Project Finance

Andrew (International banking and training consultant) Fight